TOP 5 Apps for Student Planning

At some points, student life can become very hard and its problems may seem just unsolved. If you don’t know how to act and allocate the resources properly, try apps for student planning. In this article, we prepared a list of the most popular and useful of them.

How Apps for Student Planning Can Help You

Isn’t it a classic issue when a student has a million things to do and all the objectives seem impossible to meet? Usually, the key reason for such trouble is the inappropriate allocation of time. It may be hard to manage the time indeed, especially when there are a lot of subjects and each of them has special requirements. A great solution to this problem is planner apps for students. Most of such applications include:
• Abilities of systematization and organization of the life of a student.
• Customization functions.
• A lot of useful information.
• Integration with other applications.
• Numerous beneficial features.
• Flexibility to meet the requirements of each particular user.

Top 5 Best Planner Apps for Students

The choice of available applications for student planning is great. Their functionality may vary a lot as some of them are directed only on students when others feature school life more. There are a lot of planners that are great not only for studies but for any activity at all. Nevertheless, we picked the most helpful and popular applications with lots of positive feedback from customers and proved high quality.
1. Todoist – a great app available on both mobile and computer devices. This software provides a possibility to plan projects and make to-do lists. In this way, it is used not only by the student but by managers of companies and businessmen as well. A user can fill in important information that they need to keep in mind, create and develop projects for any activity they want, set deadlines, and many other functions. The app offers a free mode. Despite its limitations, the free version is perfect for students.
2. Microsoft To Do – a software available on any device supporting a Microsoft account. It’s a free application that allows managing your plans and sort tasks. If you didn’t have time to complete a task today, it will be removed in the “tomorrow” section. In this way, a user can bring it back to “tomorrow” that will remind them to finish it. You can locate all the tasks by sections and set subtasks. Also, it has a great user-friendly interface.
3. Calendly – an application available on computers and iOS devices. This software helps to set meetings and schedule them. A user needs to connect it with the digital calendar they use and create a meeting. Then, all other invited to the meeting users can set their preferences for the time, day, and so on. In this way, the organization of any meeting takes a few clicks.
4. iStudiez – one of the most popular applications among students. It’s available on both computer and mobile devices and allow you to organize your study with all details including time of studies, name of professors’, deadlines, tasks, and so forth.
5. myHomework – another good application for studies which available on mobiles and computers as well. It allows to schedule classes and keeps all the information about them. Besides, a user can set a propriety of tasks to allocate their time properly.